Hummingbird set-up question


I'm just looking at hummingbird and how to use it, and have this question re the server performance section.

The guidelines state "install and configure a full page caching plugin like WP Super Cache or Batcache. This can substantially improve your response time for logged out visitors and search engine bots."

I have been using WP Rocket but switched it off to evaluate what Hummingbird does for me. I guess here there is some overlap and that WP Rocket will do the caching. This is where I'm a bit confused re just what Hummingbird does in this area, I would have thought it would cover this caching aspect too..?

If not, then I assume it is ok to run these together....?

I have also forwarded your gzip compression and browser caching recommendations to my server hosts - NGINX on Cloudways, but I also know that WP Rocket handles a lot of that in .htaccess, so I'm trying to navigate my way through all of this in the most efficient manner.

I am also looking at all other ways I can make my site as fast as possible, including PHP 7 which my server offers. So, I'm hoping Hummingbird can be a big part of making this a success, and it does look good, so I just need to work out the above and we will see how fast she runs...



  • Sajid

    Hi imacg,
    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    Hummingbird does not have full page cache so you can use your existing WP Rocket plugin to handle this for you. There is no harm and both should work together just fine.

    Again, you can use either Hummingbird or Wp Rocket to leverage the browser cache. Basically Hummingbird plugin is developed to work smartly with other plugins as well. If you don't need a functionality and want to manage it by other plugin then simply disable this module in hummingbird and that't it.

    Hummingbird also works well on PHP 7 too we have not reported any issues with PHP 7 so far. So yes you are good to go here too.

    Hope that helps! Feel free to post a reply if you need further assistance :slight_smile:

    Best Regards,

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