[Hummingbird] "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page" when I click on configure

Get message: "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page" when I click on configure Smush Pro from Hummingbird. Please advise.

  • Patrick Freitas

    Hi Smellycat ,

    Sorry to hear that you having this problem, could you please Grant Access and we can have a closer look, to active Grant Support Access

    1- Log in to the WordPress Admin Panel for your site (go to the Network Admin dashboard if on Multisite), and then navigate to the “Support” page from the WPMU DEV menu item (WPMU DEV > Support).
    2- Click the “Grant Support Access” button in the Support Access panel.
    You can find a full article here:

    Also could you please if you wouldn't mind test the same link configure Smush Pro in another browser or all browser caches cleaned?

    Please, let me know the test result and when you allowed the Grant Support Access
    Have a great day,
    Patrick Freitas

  • Patrick Freitas

    Hi Smellycat

    Thank you to provide the Support Access, I can see the Hummingbird issue, I checked and this was already reported to our developers, in the next release should be fixed. If you see any notification to update this plugin please, create a full website backup and update it.

    Also I could check the the Hummingbird reports and seems that some images are optimized but still being reported and the Smush Pro report say that only of two image needs to be optimized, I could not find a solution for that, and I will had escalated the ticket to our Second Level Support, they will have another closer look and replay for new insights.

    Let us know if you have a further question,
    Have a great day,
    Patrick Freitas

  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Smellycat,

    Hope all is well :slight_smile:

    I was checking your speed report and it looks like the issue is that the images mentioned in the report are not actually a part of your media library, that's why Smush was unable to optimize them, allow me to elaborate this more.

    Let's take the first image in speed report as an example, if you check its URL it looks like this:


    If we look at the image path it suggests it's part of the WordPress and it should be in your media library.
    However, if you go to your media library and search for this image you'll only find this one:


    As you can see that's not the same image, the one in the library has e1346962249375 in its name.

    Since the image without e1346962249375 part is not in your media library Smush is unable to access it, but since the image is still used on your site it's shown in speed reports.
    My guess is that these images were created by your theme but I can't say sure so you might want to discuss it further with theme devs.

    There are two things you could do about this yourself.
    First one is to simply replace the reported images with the ones that are actually in your library as those are all optimized.

    Second one would be to optimize reported images in a different folder.
    You would need to access your WP files via FTP or cPanel and find all the images that are shown in the report.
    Now in your wp-content folder create new folder, for example needs-optimization, and copy the images in that folder.
    Once they are there use Smush directory optimization to optimize images inside that folder, and once that's done restore the images to their original location so they replace the non-optimized ones and that should be it.

    Let us know if you have any followup questions about this.

    Best regards,

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