Hummingbird Speed Score


Any ideas on this one?

We installed hummingbird the other day and made most of changes as suggested at got a score of over 90

We have since made changes by adding some more of your plugins but have also opted for the free siteground hosting provders cloudflare option and configured hummingbird to use cloudflare.

Now our hummingbird score has dropped to 89.

Any ideas why it would have dropped? Is it because we have added some of your additional plugins to the site?

Also not sure if we are paranoid but loading the front end of the site seems slower to us. One would think the opposite should happen.

As we say any ideas most welcome.


  • Dimitris

    Hey there Ian Henry,

    hope you're doing good today!

    As the only change you've made was to add some more plugins, most probably the score which downgraded was the render-blocking resources.

    In order to surpass this, you should experiment yourself by moving assets to the footer via the Minification page of the main site.
    Filtering the assets in a per-plugin/theme basis may become handy for you. :wink:

    As these steps may break functionalities of your website though, every time you move assets of a plugin or theme to footer, you should inspect that everything work as should be and if not, then revert the settings to the original position.

    Hope that was some help, feel free to post back here if more assistance is required on this! :slight_smile:

    Warm regards,

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