HUMMINGBIRD Stops some site features working (javascript/css)

Hi there. I installed Hummingbird yesterday and setup all the default minimisations on it. Unfortunately, I notice that it has now stopped some features of the site working, specifically, there are animation effects and tabs which open and these features now do not work (the animated numbers on the counters on the homescreen do not display at all for example, nor do the icons etc.

The site is running on Divi theme, with Divi Booster installed (latest versions of each, no issues before Hummingbird installation - as soon as hummingbird is disabled, everything works fine again)

I've tried turning OFF minimisation for JavaScript and CSS in Hummingbird, but there doesn't seem to be the option, once it's set it seems to be set!

Can you advise please urgently as it's ruining the design of the site, but I obviously would like to achieve the speed improvements I'd installed hummingbird for.

Unfortunately, I've had to DISABLE hummingbird, so you will not be able to see the issue on the site - as soon as hummingbird is disabled, everything displays fine as normal, so it's definitely hummingbird causing the issue.

Thank you