Hummingbird test results possibly not accurate

Hello. I have a couple questions about the test results.

1. Overall score is 13/100 yet Optimize Images is the only item that scored low at 16. All the other items scored at 91 - 100. Why does my overall score show so low?

2. The items that score high, like 100 for Minify CSS, still are telling me to optimize the resources in order to reduce size. And it lists a few CSS files in need. Why is my score 100 for Minify CSS if it still needs minifying? I have not enabled minifying on any files yet, so I imagine this score should be low, not 100. Same goes for other items like Minify JS and HTML.

Is this a bug that is showing a high score when really it is not optimized? Or am I missing something?


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  • Vaughan

    Hi MArkcy,

    Hope you're well?

    Regarding the minify, your minify is actually enabled.

    The files it's telling you could be improved,are in the theme itself, and probably are not queued using the standard WPenqueue style functionetc. Hummingbird is unable to affect those files, however, the scoring is probably rounded it's likely the score could be 99.6, but we round up, so it makes it 100.

    Regarding the images though, you have a lot of very large images bothin filesize & dimensions.

    Hummingbird uses google pagespeed for it's scoring, whilst you do have smush installed, googlepagespeed alsotakes into account the dimensions of the images too & uses different metricsand optimizing. The developers are working onnew features for smush pro which eventually will take into account other optimizations that can be made on the images too.

    That's what it looks like is happening.

    On the how to improve section.

    If any images in the list above recommend “Compressing and resizing”, that means their dimensions are scaled down in your content compared to the actual file dimensions. You can crop or scale those images using the WordPress image editor to match the embedded size in your content.

    So it might be best to also check with the wordpress image editor too.
    So find the image in your media library, then click to edit the image and use the crop/resize functions to resize the image, so that the images in your content aren't too big in physical size.

    It's a long process, but optimizing always is unfortunately.

    Hope this helps

  • Vaughan


    i'm not sure on what the exact calculations are that are used to build the overall score, as it uses googles pagespeed system to do the calculations.So only google knows from what I can gather.

    Each category has different weights & they are ordered by weight, but that's all I can say.

    Sorry I can't be more detailed than that. It certainly can't be an average though otherwise the overall score would be much higher than the lowest score of 17. An average for those scores would be around 90, so I have no clue what google is using, unless each of those categories is split up into sub cats and each scored individually even though we don't see the individual item scores which could be the reason it doesn't seem to tally up.

    Hope this helps

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