Hummingbird vs W3 Total Cache - AWS CloudFront

I am testing the speed differences between Hummingbird Pro and W3 Total Cache. I had originally been using Hummingbird and got the best support here in configuring it for my site but I had been experiencing a few issues.

Right now, I'm testing out W3 Total Cache completely and configured it so that my files are uploaded to my S3 bucket and AWS CDN to distribute content. I am having a hard time getting the 'custom css' and 'icons' to appear on the front-end - it's broken!

Can someone check out my site please and let me know why this is happening. I have added support - you can go and deactivate 'CDN' in w3 total cache and site works fine but when you activate it, all the site works except for custom css and icons as you can see by comparing.
Once I get everything working, I want to compare it with Hummingbird Pro.

Thank you!


  • James Morris

    Hello Sujee

    I hope you are well today.

    I got your reply on your original thread I helped you with, but since this is an unrelated topic, I'll just follow up with you here. :slight_smile:

    First thing I notice is that the site you've enabled access for has both Hummingbird and W3 Total Cache enabled. This is not advisable because both plugins perform the same functions and will conflict with each other. It's possible that having these running side-by-site could be creating some of the issues you are experiencing.

    If you're wanting to do a comparison with these 2 plugins, here's some general guidelines to get the most accurate test possible:

    1. Do not test on a live site. Test on a staging site where there is no traffic variable to deal with
    2. Do not have both plugins installed and running at the time of the test
    3. Before configuring either plugin for your tests, create a known good backup to roll back to. This way you can "reset" your install and then configure the next plugin to rule out any database overhead.
    4. Fully configure one plugin and run it through your battery of tests and saving the data in whatever method is easiest to work with for you (spreadsheets, pdfs, screenshots, docs, etc)
    5. "Reset" your install and then repeat the process with the next plugin

    Could you please disable one, or the other plugin and see if you're still having issues with your CSS and icons?

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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