[Hummingbird] What am I doing wrong with Hummingbird?

I'm really trying to optimize loading times on my client website. When I run "Asset Optimization" in Hummingbird, I'm getting weird 'results'. It lists a bunch of files that I can compress, and I tell it to compress, and nothing happens... refreshing the front end, refreshing the Hummingbird page, clearing the cache, none of that seems to change the results. The same files still need to be compressed.

Also, Hummingbird suggests files for me to minify or defer, but they don't show in the file list to be minified or deferred.

I'm flummoxed with options which aren't executing and muddled with details about how the plugin is meant to work which I can't seem to grasp.

Any chance someone can have a look? (I enabled support access.)

I'd like to know if I'm missing something. Why aren't things compressing when I include them in the list of files to compress? How can I 'improve' the areas given by Hummingbird when I can't find the suggested files?

Thanks so much!
~ Raylene

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello Raylene,

    I've checked your site and Performance tests results and there is one file that is listed is output file on WPMU DEV CDN. It is file created from css files after asset optimization (so files are already compressed).
    That is why you will not see it on the list inside Asset Optimization.
    Right now you would need to try moving some CSS files to footer or trying to put them as inline - and I'm saying some, because after compression it's impossible to check which files are still listed on the Performance list (all comments with information about files are removed to make them smaller).
    So start with moving CSS files to footer, after each one save and check how your site behave - because moving to footer will change it, sometimes you might not like how it will be loading, then you would need to try to make file inline (in Asset optimization) or move it back to header.
    Please note that best score in Performance test might not be the best for how your site loads - for couple of seconds it might look ugly before CSS loads.
    Checking and testing assets should be done to find the right spot when performance test is good, but your site is also loading in nice way.

    Hummingbird uses Google Pagespeed API to get performance results - that is why it will list files like compressed CSS on our CDN (it's own file).

    When you select file for compressing it is not done instantly - it need couple of minutes to perform the process. Also all changes done in Asset Optimization will not affect performance result instantly - scan has to be done again to see changes.

    Please see guide on Asset Optimization here https://premium.wpmudev.org/docs/wpmu-dev-plugins/hummingbird/#chapter-4 (it has old name there: Minification, but all the options are the same)

    kind regards,

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