[Hummingbird] WPMUdev Full Video and Image Hosting

Hummingbird contains a great option to deliver images via the WPMUdev CDN which is transparent and good on multisite.
Jetpack has this but also has full video hosting, integrated with the media library - where uploading a video through the library is redirected via wordpress.com's own hosting, transcoding and delivery, so no videos are stored on your local server. The drawback is it has to be manually activated on each site in a network.
Hummingbird would be AMAZING if it could offload the hosting of ALL uploads to the library, transparently and automatically across a multisite. Would then make web servers much easier to load balance.
Though Jetpack's unlimited hosting is included in their membership, a full media offloading I think is more valuable and could be charged on a per-TB basis. We'd pay for sure!

  • Tony G
    • Mr. LetsFixTheWorld

    What about making your /uploads folder an OS-level re-direct to an external storage system? Then you could store your data anywhere and WPMU DEV doesn't need to do anything - and in fact there would be no changes within WordPress at all.

    Example with Amazon:
    Google queries:
    linux map folder to remote storage
    linux mount cdn

    That addresses what happens when someone uploads a file to your site - the file then goes somewhere else. But to retrieve the file, I'm not sure how that topology will work. The request will be a local link to /uploads and your web server will return the file as though it's local data. I believe the data will come back from the remote storage, through your server, and then out to the client. That's not performant.

    Ideally all files get uploaded to remote storage and then a link to the remote resource will get returned for all references to these remote assets. That's the link that will be exposed to browser clients who should then go to the remote repo/CDN rather than hitting your server.

    Smush and other file-operating plugins should work on the /upload folder and thus modify the remote assets. But the local backup maybe should avoid /upload, because the data should already be backed-up by the provider hosting the remotely stored files.

    So... where I'm going with this is that WPMU DEV doesn't actually need to host the data. That's a different kind of request. But we do need to be able to define where data is locally ( /uploads even though it's mapped ) and then we need to be able to send the remote URL for any client-oriented request to such resources. That could be a simple HTTP redirect, or maybe Hummingbird could help with that cross-reference.

  • Techtomic
    • Techie

    I was thinking a way of doing this by plugin like Jetpack does for videos, would fit nicely with the way WPMUdev offers managed backups, perhaps it could allocate the same storage to offloaded media and offer plan upgrades. Would work well for people on shared hosting or that don't want to pay Amazon. A nice income stream for WPMUdev :slight_smile:

    In the meantime I will investigate using S3 as a filesystem, I can then get rid of Jetpack as it's duplicating lots of WPMUdev plugins and has to be configured and paid for per site.

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