Hustle Display problems

I have a Hustle Slide in on this site that had some custom css added to hide the mailchimp group checkboxes (to get around the hidden groups not working).

It looks like the plugin updated from 2.x to 3.x and this has all broken.

The groups weren’t getting passed through to Mailchimp, so I reloaded the Mailchimp settings in Hustle which has fixed that, but then the layout broke by showing all the hidden checkboxes. I have hidden them again myself, but:

1) I can’t get the submit box on the same line as the email

2) On Chrome, the slide in on the homepage is too low, seems fine on all other browsers and pages for me though

If you look in the custom CSS, the bottom 3 items I have added to fix new issues, the other was all there from the version 2.x issues