Hustle form field not working

HI – we are using hustle on this site – as a slide in and I installed the shortcode at the page here

In both cases – no matter what I do in the settings – the “email” field is inaccesible – the title doesn’t show and you can’t fill in the field. If you hit tab a few times it shows up…. I’ve updated everything (WP, plugins, etc)….

Part of why we have signed on with MPMU is because of Hustle – we used to use sumome for all our subscribe forms but they changed their pricing model and it was not sustainable for us. That being said, I have found Hustle REALLY unreliable – it conflicts with the themes we use, conflicts with the caches we use, and has really sucked up a lot of time. We are using some of the most standard, popular themes and plugins and Hustle is a bit of a hot-house flower…. I really think you guys need to pay attention to this important tool and make it a bit more stable.

I’ve granted support access. please let me know what’s next.