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I am not too keen on adding code and would like it if I could have an option to add a hello bar to the header.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla


    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    By "hello bar" do you mean the code from "" service? If yes, then this plugin would help you:

    All you'd need to do would be to install and enable that plugin and then past the hellobar code to it and it would take care of the rest.

    If it's something different that you're asking about, let me know please what that is and I'll be happy to assist you.

    Best regards,

  • stevemd
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    Hi Adam & thank you for your reply.

    I'm familiar with 'HelloBar' 'AddThis' 'Sumo Listbuilder' (which is shown in the attached image) and a couple other similar bars that allow you to capture email addresses but was hoping that Hustle had a similar feature.

    When I asked the support chat person on the Hustle product page about this I guess I hadn't made myself clear on what I was asking.

    I currently use that Sumo ListBuilder top-hello-greeter-bar-thingy :joy: and was just wondering if Hustle could do the same and if not if I could make this a feature request. That is what I thought I ended up doing by the end if the Support Chat.

    Thanks again Adam & have a great weekend.

    - Steve D.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Steve,

    thank you for explanation.

    Hustle currently doesn't include such tool but since there are popups and slide-ins etc, I think that nothing stands in a way of adding it so since this thread is already in our "Features and Feedback" forum, let's hope that other members of our community will vote for it and our developers will include it in one of the future releases.

    However, I think you could use following workaround with Hustle (assuming that you're not using "slide-in" opt-ins anywhere on your site):

    1. Create an e-mail opt-in and set integration with your mail provider, just like you normally would with Hustle.

    2. in "Display settings" section for that opt-in make sure that "After content" and "Popup" are disabled but the "Slide-in" is enabled; set display conditions there too (e.g. if you wish to show it on all pages etc).

    3. In Slide-in settings below select "Time" for "Slide-in Triggers" and set it to "Trigger immediately"
    4. For "After User Closes Slide-In" - select which ever option suits your needs better
    5. Set the "Message Autohide" option to your needs, too (e.g. disable it or set to hide slide-in after pre-defined time
    6. For "Slide-in Position" below select "Top Center" and "Save Settings".

    7. Now go to the "Content & Design" section:
    - heading and opt-in content and image - that doesn't matter because they won't be visible anyway
    - set "Submit button text" value
    - in "Select form layout that is most suited for your opt-in" option select the first one on the left
    - in "Choose image location" select "Left" (that's important!)
    - preferably leave only "Email" field in Opt-in Module Fields but you can use more fields there if necessary
    - select your color scheme, border corners for "optin box" should be set to "0" but you can set rounded borders for "Fields" and "Button" if you wish.
    - save changes again

    After that's done, check if slide-in is working as expected (though it won't yet be a "hello bar").

    If it does, add following CSS to your site:

    .wpoi-slide {max-width:100%!important;margin:0!important;}
    .wpoi-slide .wpoi-hustle {padding:0!important;}
    .wpoi-slide .wpoi-image-left {display:none!important;}

    To add it to the site, use the Custom CSS option of your Theme Settings (if there is such option) or add it to "style.css" of your child theme (if you are using a child theme) or use Simple Custom CSS plugin

    Do not however use "Custom CSS" option in Hustle for this as it won't work with this particular CSS (it's a "trick" so it has to be applied in a different way).

    I tested this on my end and it seems to be working fine. If any further tweaks - in a way that bar looks - would be necessary, just let me know, please.

    I hope that helps :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

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