Hustle - how to override templates?

is there a possibility to override Hustle's template with an own implementation. For example, I want to rearrange the order of the MailChimp Group:

I want to have a checkbox on the left, and both texts stacked on the right. The submit button should be aligned below it centrally.

Is there any possiblity for me to change the override the html code in my child theme?

And is there no possibility to change the label of the submit button?

  • Rupok

    Hi Brian,

    is there a possibility to override Hustle's template with an own implementation

    There are actually two ways of doing this:
    1. Modifying plugin core file (this is not recommended because your changes will be gone with plugin update)
    2. Customize with custom CSS and jQuery code (I will prefer this)

    If you want to follow first method (again I'm saying that this is not recommended), then you will need to login to your server with any FTP application like FileZilla and go to "/wp-content/plugins/hustle/views/general/layouts/" directory. There you will get 4 files with reference to the opt-in form: 0.php, 1.php, 2.php and 3.php. Inside those files, you will get the popup form HTML code. But for showing the button in the middle and text aligning, you will need to use custom CSS Code.

    The second approach is better because it won't need you to touch any plugin core file. In this way, you should be adding your custom content in the Popup with jQuery and then arrange them with custom CSS Code as you want. I'd be glad to provide necessary custom CSS and jQuery code if I could do it in 5 - 10 minutes but I'm afraid, it will take much more than that. So you might need to hire a developer for doing this.

    You can always hire a developer from our Jobs Section. Please keep in mind, developers found in our Jobs Section are not associated with us in any way. So communicate with them well before you make any payments to them.

    Please let us know if you have any confusion or any further query. We will be glad to help.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

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