[Hustle] hustle click trigger not working with embedded forminator form in content of popup

how do i correctly embed a forminator form into hustle?

maybe i found a bug.

when embedding a forminator form by shortcode f.e. [forminator_form id="0001"] into the main content field of a hustle popup something is going wrong.

1. the popup always shows up on pageload for the first time. the popup-trigger rules are being ignored…

2. the form data variables i use within different steps of a form (multi part form) only show up when i'm loggedin as admin but they don't if i'm not?!

i tested it on a basic simple installation with a basic wp-theme here:

No form in popup: http://wp.benjaminmeyer-webdesign.de/

form in popup: http://wp.benjaminmeyer-webdesign.de/demo/