[Hustle] Hustle - option to not show a prompt based on visitor behaviour

Hi folks,
my hustle is connected to my Mautic.
so i really would like to be able to identify a visitor - but beyond identifying that person, I don't need to nag them further, as they are added to my funnel in any event.

Now - i built a popup for when someone rocks up on my site, and i made it so that it only shows if you rock up from NOT inside the site on my home page - so in theory, when you see that form, you haven't seen it before.

So far so good.

But now - i have an exit intent popup too.
the idea is that if you DIDN'T respond to the first demure popup, the second exit intent one that goes boinkers on colour and graphics will.

but - if you did respond, i don't need to launch that assault on your senses.

can hustle figure something out like - suppress further hustle elements if any one of THESE forms got acted on in the same session / ever?

Thanks guys!