[Hustle] Hustle script registration has static version

We updated Hustle plugin today and it broke the website (all the popup's were viewable and not working). After doing a cache clear and force reload it worked - so after reviewing the assets, I came across a hustle asset with a different version to the one installed.

The script in question is the "front.min.js" script registration which has version (1.1) hard coded instead of using the dynamic version to match to the plugin version (it has this code in the next parameter, but the 1.1 mistakenly hasn't been removed).

Please see hustle/inc/hustle-module-front.php LINE 71.

"wp_register_script('hustle_front', $this->_hustle->get_static_var( "plugin_url" ) . 'assets/js/front.min.js', array('jquery', 'underscore':wink:, '1.1', $this->_hustle->get_const_var( "VERSION" ), false);"

Should be:

wp_register_script('hustle_front', $this->_hustle->get_static_var( "plugin_url" ) . 'assets/js/front.min.js', array('jquery', 'underscore':wink:, $this->_hustle->get_const_var( "VERSION" ), false);