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My client has only editor access granted. I want her to download the csv resulting from the Local Hustle List but I can't find any permission to allow in User role Editor. Is there a capability to add ?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello siteweb

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    There's no any specific capability that could be granted that would only allow user access that specific feature. Hustle is "tied up" to core capabilities and you would have to give your customer full access to the plugin, which would also allow a lot of other things.

    I think, however, that there might be a workaround for this but I'll need to consult that with our developers. I have forwarded this question to them so please keep an eye on this ticket for further information. I would also appreciate some patience as their response time might be slightly slower than ours here on support forum as they are dealing with a lot of complex issues on daily basis.

    I'll update this ticket for you as soon as I got a feedback on this.

    Best regards,

  • siteweb

    Thank you for your quick answer. Could I give access to the whole plugin without granting admin rights ? It would be Ok for me.
    Thank you anyway, I will be patient but it is still very frustrating to have to send manually to my client her csv file each time until you find a way. Unfortunately, this knowledge (what the plugin can not do) come often after having finishing all the settings and uses, so that you find yourself stupid for a basic thing not planned.
    Best Regards

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello siteweb

    Thank you for your response and for your patience!

    If giving access to entire Hustle plugin is an acceptable solution then yes, there's a relatively simple way to do it that do not require any coding.

    The Hustle plugin uses "manage_options" capability (which is specific to "administrator" user role) so giving that capability would give access to entire plugin. It would, however, give also access to site settings and that's not the best idea :slight_smile:

    Fortunately, this can be solved as well. Here's what you could do:

    1. You will need to plugins:

    "User Role Editor" - https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-role-editor/

    "Admin Menu Editor" - https://wordpress.org/plugins/admin-menu-editor/

    2. Go to the "Users -> All users" page and find the user who should have access to the Hustle on the list; click on "Capabilities" link

    3. Find "Manage Options" capability, enable it and save;

    At this point the user will have access to the 'Hustle" after logging in. It will not affect other users on site that has the same user role but only that specific user. However, the same user will also have full access to "Settings" menu and - depending on the setup - optionally some other plugins' settings as well (because other plugins may also be checking for "manage_options" capability). So here's how to deal with that:

    4. Activate "Admin Menu Editor" and go to "Settings -> Menu Editor" page
    5. Find "Settings" menu in the left column (see screenshots below) and expand it
    6. In "Extra capability" field type-in or select from the drop-down list a "install_plugins" capability
    7. In the column on the right you'll see all sub-items of the "Settings" menu so you need to add that "Extra capability" ("install_plugins":wink: to all of them, the same way.
    8 Then "Save Changes".

    At this point the "Settings" menu (if you didn't skip any of its sub-menus) wouldn't be available for that user again; the user will not also be able to access any of "Settings" pages directly - just like it was originally.

    Now, there's a small "catch" :slight_smile: You would want to actually test it first by either logging to that user's account or with another account but of the very same role and "manage_options" capability granted. That would let you see if actually any other plugins became available after granting that capability. If you see any other plugins/options that you do not want to be available to that user, you can use "Admin Menu Editor" (as described above) to hide them as well.

    I have tested this on my own test setup (just note: I'm referring to a single WP install, I assumed it's that) and it worked nice :slight_smile:

    I hope that helps!

    Best regards,

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