Hustle issue when using already registered email in Mailchimp

I’m getting an error message in Hustle when filling a slide-in:

“Something went wrong. Please try again.”

I noticed that the error pops when it’s an email address in the database already – a duplicate. It looks like it only occurs when this happens, not a plugin conflict. I don’t know if the error messages can me customixzed, would it be possible so I can inform the member that the email is already registered in this case?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello atracksler

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    This message is a direct consequence of the API response that Hustle receives from MailChimp when trying to subscribe submitted e-mail. Unfortunately, apparently MailChimp doesn’t always respond “clearly” and in this case it actually only says “Bad requrest, something went wrong” – so as a result Hustle have no way of knowing why subscription failed so it just don’t know whether it happened because the e-mail is already in the MailChimp base or if there was some other reason for this.

    That being said, if you did identify the “pattern” here so you know that the message shows up only in cases when the e-mail is already in MailChimp base, you can change that message. The simplest way would be to use our Ultimate Branding plugin and it’s “Text Change” module:

    Once you activate the module, put the original message (exactly as it is) in the “Find this text” field, your new (replacement) message in the “and replace it with” field, put “hustle” in the “in this text domain” field and select “Front pages only” in “Admin only” drop-down box there.

    Please note: the same message is also used in case of some other “errors” so changing it might lead to some confusion but since you know it’s only happening in certain cases, I think the risk of that is minimal and if you only apply change to the front pages it shouldn’t affect any messages that you might get in back-end (e.g. while editing Hustle configuration).

    Best regards,


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