Hustle just isn't working (brand new install)

I'd really like for it to work. First after I was having issues I shut off object caching (wpengine) to help diagnose the issue.

Ok, so I I created custom content nothing fancy, text and CTA button and enabled it for 1 single page. I viewed and it looked fine. I saved it by pressing save and next and finish. I tested it out on the one single page and it appeared but none of my changes appeared. It was the default colors and text. I then went and saved the page, Enabled admin test made it active on/off a few times. Still none of my changes.

I went back in and edited the content. None of my changes were there so I re-entered my content. Viewed it, saved it and now my content showed up. I thought, "great!" I then made a little change and viewed and saved it. Same issue my changes didn't save.

I went though this process a dozens times to simple get a slide-in that was halfway decent.

I also tried using custom css to change the body text with no success. Is there a setting I'm missing to change body text?

I'm on the verge of investing in a popup script from a third-party.