Hustle & mailchimp: What if?

Hi there,

I love Hustle, exactly what I was looking for. Much nicer and easier to get working than installing a Mailchimp form in the Popup plugin.

2 things that I can’t figure out:

1) Double opt-in: This is a thing from Mailchimp, but with a Mailchimp form you are able to skip this step, where is this possible with Hustle?

2) How does Hustle handle subscribers that already exist in the list? I would like those to get an error/confirmation message stating they are already in the list (editable). As far as I can tell they just seem to be added but nothing happens (since they are already in the list).

The reason I want this to be made clear is because I give stuff away with Hustle for subscribers. When my existing subscribers try this to it gets confusing as they do not get an error instead they get a confirmation but of course MailChimp does not resend the final welcome e-mail. Any thoughts how we can fix this?