[Hustle] No default style option in Hustle

Can you please offer a theme that doesn't include any styling? Especially for embeds!! I want it to look like a part of my website. It's a ton of writing over css just to have it go to my default styling.

  • Danae
    • Dev Penguin

    Hey Wendy!

    Sure, that makes sense. The main front style can be dequeued using regular Wordpress hooks, but some modules won't work without it, such as pop-ups, for example. Google fonts can be removed by returning "false" using the filter "hustle_load_google_fonts". For what you described, I think you might want to remove the styles that are injected, which are the ones that add most of the flavor to the modules.

    Please note that the plugin is expecting these styles, so keep in mind that the modules might look a bit weird and some style adjustments will be needed in order to make them look okay. This is a screenshot of some modules without inline styles http://take.ms/0USgz

    Removing these would require a little tweak to the plugin in the current version. When can add this hook in future releases. If you wish, we could modify this in your installation so you can have it sooner. Just let us know (:

  • Wendy
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    It's not a deal breaker at this point but I work with designers and they give me files that they have already gotten approved by the clients. I'm coming from working with regular form programs such as Contact Form 7 and Ninja Forms for embeds and using Thrive for pop-ups, etc.

    I completely understand for the pop-ups, and appreciate set themes. But sometimes, like in the case I was just working on, they wanted an embedded form that connected to a certain group in a MailChimp list. Since Hustle does that (and I'm trying to move everything to just your products for ease of simplicity and maintenance on many websites) I wanted to use it.

    If Forminator had the option of integrating to a specific group in a list then it wouldn't have been an issue (love Forminator).

    Thanks for your great offering of plugins. And your support team ROCKS!!!

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