Hustle not showing in infinite scroll

I use a hustle plugin on my site “www.reta******” and the theme has infinite scroll function.

When we enter a post and scroll down, the theme will load the next post. Hustle widget appears in the first article, but then disappears leaving only the widget title thereafter

  • Nahid
    • Tech Support

    Hey Michael Northcott !

    Hope you are having a great day!

    I was able to replicate the issue as well. This has been reported to our Second Level Support team and they’ll be back to us with confirmation if it is a bug in the plugin, updates, workarounds and fixes (if possible) in this ticket. Please note that the response time of the Second Level Support team or the Developers might be higher than that of the General Support Staff. We really appreciate your patience and cooperation regarding this.



  • Nahid
    • Tech Support

    Hey Michael Northcott !

    Hope you are doing well today!

    Thank you for your query. When there’s an update on the issue from the Second Level Support team or the Developers, they’ll respond here in this ticket or we’ll do it on their behalf with the update. Upon any response over this ticket, you’ll receive an email notification. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

    Kind regards,


  • Lindeni Mahlalela
    • Recruit

    Hello Michael Northcott

    I hope you are doing great today. Thank you for reporting this issue and thank you for your patience while we were looking into this.

    I had a look at your setup and have done a thorough investigation as to why this is happening. I have found that the issue is caused by the fact that the Optin form is embedded in a side widget of the posts side bar, the Optin has an ID in the form of:


    Since this Optin is supposed to be the only one in the page, it works on single posts, but once the posts are brought together in one page using the infinite scroll then they are all included with the same ID and since the auto scroll only gets part of the post, the Optin is not fully loaded and as it supposed to be triggered when the page is fully loaded on the posts template and it is rendered by its ID. The issue here is that when the posts are brought together in one page with the same ID, only the first one will be rendered since it was designed to work like this.

    It is a HTML standard that the ID attribute should be unique for each item. It seems the author of the “JNews – Auto Load Next Post” plugin didn’t consider this when developing the product. Unfortunately, I tried to find a way to manipulate this by forcing the Optins to load and I wasn’t able to find a way.

    An important thing to note here is that the in on the infinite scroll, there is already one optin form and the reason to have multiple optin forms is not certain so instead of forcing all to be rendered you may try to keep the first one floating on the side when scrolling to make it always visible instead of having a form for each page loaded by the infinite scroll feature. Here is a nice tutorial on how to achieve this: If you need help implementing this, you should post a job in the Jobs & Pros page where you can hire an independent developer to do this for you. Please note that if you do, you will be hiring an independent developer and non of our staff members are allowed to take jobs there.

    Also, if you want to do this, you should also remove the title of the widget that holds the form to avoid its title showing when a post is loaded into the page. This way you will only have the form displayed without the title of the enclosing widget and when new posts are loaded into the page they will not have the title-only widget. The advantage is that you will have a much cleaner page, disadvantage is that the user will have to scroll back to the top if they have passed the form already but decide to opt in afterwards. I have already removed the widget title, you may put it back if you prefer.

    I hope this all makes sense. Please let us know if you need any further assistance or if you have any questions for us.

    Have a nice day.


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