Hustle Popover showing again after call to action button clicked

Hustle popover tool has options to stop the popover showing after its already been displayed depending on various settings – ie if the item is closed by the cross, if closed by clicking outside the popover, if after submit button is clicked. However I can’t find a way to stop it showing if I have a call to action button (on an informational popover) and the user clicks it.

In my scenario I show a popover on all pages. With a redirect to Shop page link on the call to action button. There is a work around where I exclude my call to action link page and create an alternative popover for that page only… but I would then need to ensure only one popover (from all set to show on the site) displays per user per session if that’s possible?

ie if I have 3 popovers set to show on the site. It will only show the first one a user triggers and no more. Is that possible?