Hustle popup doesn't work well with CF7 form "on click"


The issue:

– create a default Contact Form 7 form

– create a default PopUp Hustle custom content opt-in

– put the CF7 shortcode in there

– set the Form Setting in PopUp to “Refresh or do nothign (for Ajax forms)”

– set the popup to be triggered automatically and test: it should work properly

– now switch the PopUp to be triggered by a click, e.g. on “.showform” class

– add some element to be clicked to the post or page and test again:

the form will redirect to ‘form target” and close; it does send data but any messages that are there are not visible until you again click on the “form trigger” element.

That’s inconsistent with the expected behavior that you experience with the form set to be triggered automatically (“time” option).