Hustle popup that won't pop up

I can't figure out why this doesn't work. It is pretty much identical to a number of other popups on the site, all of which work from a link. An expert eye, I am sure, would spot the bug in a moment.

  • Nithin

    Hi Ted,

    Hope you are doing good today. :slight_smile:

    I could see you have 14 popups configured in there, could I know which exact popup, and in which post you notice the popup isn't appearing?

    On checking the Display Settings option in the Hustle side for the 1st popup in the list, it seems like you have enabled Click feature, as a Popup to trigger open, and the fields are empty for that, as show in the screenshot:

    If your intention is to make the popup appear automatically then you, just have to switch the option from Click to Time, so that the popup opens instantly when the post, or page is loaded.

    If that isn't the case, and you still have issues with other popup, please do point out the post, or page link, and which exact popup you are looking at, so that we could give a closer look, if needed.


  • Ted


    My intention is quite clear. It needs to operate on a clicked link as do most of the 14 or so other popups on the site. Since there will be three associated with this page, I do not want them all the popup and just cause confusion.

    Hopefully, I can attach the screenshot I took of the same area on one of the 14 other popups... it looks exactly the same as the area you point out as being "empty: It isn't empty, I copied and pasted the link just the way I did with each of the 14 other popups (thanks for counting them, by the way).

    Perhaps you could have another look, or suggest what may be the cause?


  • Nithin

    Hi Ted,

    the popup is called Glenalpine, the post to which it is attached is Reef-Champions-2

    Thanks for clearing how you want the popup to work. I'm afraid, but I don't see such a popup with the name "Glenalpine" created within Hustle in your website. So, I'm not sure, whether I follow your question fully, nor I see what isn't quite working in the mentioned Reef-Champions-2

    Seems like you are using the Hustle shortcode to render a clickable button, but when I check the /reef-champions-2/ post, I don't see any such links present, or added via the Hustle shortcode, so I'm not sure, which exact popup is added in your mentioned page, and where the popup is supposed to open, please advise what I'm missing.

    If it's removed, kindly add it again, so we could see what's going on in there. If you could share some screenshots regarding this, it would be helpful for us in guiding you further.

    Looking forward to your reply. Have a good day.


  • Kris

    Hi Ted

    I took closer look on your all pop ups and settings.

    As Nithin mentioned above your current settings cause that pop up will show on that page only when you tigger this pop by link (you use Pop-up triggers -> Click). If you will use
    Pop-up triggers -> Time this will make all pop up jump in in same time (only on this page and onlt those three you mentioned)
    Since there will be three associated with this page, I do not want them all the popup and just cause confusion.

    All your popups use Pop-up triggers -> Click which mean you can copy shortcode which will generate link to open this pop up, however I review all posts connected with all popups and non of them contains those shortcodes.

    I made test on your site in draft mode of course and after I place shortcode to post I was able to see link and after I click on it pop up appears.

    Hope this help :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

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