[Hustle Pro] Add Accessibility Features to Hustle Popups

Hi gang, it appears there could be better accessibility elements on the popups created by Hustle Pro. In particular, some tests I’ve run indicate that the modal popups created by Hustle need role=”dialog” and aria-modal=”true” attributes. It also seems that Hustle is still not placing focus into the modal when it opens (as previously reported here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/hustle-pro-keyboard-accessibility-on-modals/) and that screen readers are able to still read content outside of the modal (which I assume would be fixed by the attributes mentioned above).

If the team has any feedback on when some of these requests might be handled, that would be great. For now I fear I need to stop using Hustle on some of my real estate clients’ websites; of late there is a relatively large Washington DC-based law firm that is filing lawsuits against realtors that are violating accessibility rules in a few states here in the US. Unfortunately, the non-profit they are representing have found that can get much faster corrections via legal filings vs. politely asking and waiting.

Even a published hotfix of “please replace these lines in X file” as an interim solution would be super helpful!