[Hustle Pro] Add WooCommerce Product Categories to popups/slideins

Hi there, love this plugin.

I’d really like WooCommerce Product Categories as an option when building popups/slide ins to display category specific offers.

Currently I can add the page as a URL, but I’d like to add the parent category and choose to automatically add all sub-categories (or not) without needing to update this each time.



  • Mukul Chawla
    • Product Designer

    Hi Ben

    Glad that you are liking the Hustle. We’re working on adding more WooCommerce specific visibility conditions. However, for the time being, you can use the “Specific URL” visibility rule to work for you and since it supports wildcards, it’s very flexible and easy to set up for your requirement as explained below:

    let’s assume you have the following hierarchy of categories:








    Scenario 1: Suppose you want to display a pop-up on the parent category “Lifestyle” and all of its sub-categories (Travel, Food, Clothing), you can add the “Specific URL” visibility condition, set it to “Only these URLs” option and then add the following URL as a condition:


    The above condition will now display the pop-up on the parent category i.e lifestyle and all of its sub-categories. Note that if you add more sub-categories to the Lifestyle parent category, this will automatically work on those sub-categories as well without having to change anything.

    Scenario 2: Now, Suppose you only want to display a pop-up on one of the parent categories but not on their sub-categories. To achieve this, you can use the following condition:


    note that I’ve removed the “*” from the end of above URL to make it appear only on the parent category.

    Scenario 3: Now, another interesting case could be, you want to display a pop-up on the parent category page and a couple of subcategories only. For that, you can add multiple rules in the Specific URL conditions as following:


    That being said, as already mentioned, we have tasks to add more WooCommerce specific conditions. Let us know if the above conditions will not satisfy your need or you need to show pop-ups on other conditions as well. Happy to help with them.


    Mukul Chawla

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