[Hustle Pro] Edit shortcode ID for duplicated embeds.

Is it possible to add the feature of changing the embed shortcode ID for duplicated embeds? As I duplicated an embed and I want to change the id in the shortcode of the duplicated embed to match the new embed name.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Emilio,

    At the moment there’s no option to change this value but we had few requests for this and we’ll be changing the shortcode ID to a number instead of text in one of the upcoming releases.

    If you wish to change it right now it would have to be done from the database directly.
    In your DB go to wp_hustle_modules_meta table and in there find your shortcode value in meta_value column.

    Change that value to your desired new one and save the change.
    After that, you will need to edit the page where the shortcode is embedded and change the ID to your new one.

    Best regards,

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