Hustle Pro GDPR compliance.

I one of my clients in the EU is using Hustle Pro on their site and she’s asking me how to comply with the GDPR specifically with this plugin.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Micha

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    First thing is that your Client will need to update their Privacy Policy to include some additional information:

    1. They’ll need to include information that they are collecting user data (which they’re doing using Hustle). The type of the information is something they’ll need to define as Hustle allows you to customize the form (therefore the form may include e.g. just e-mail but it can also include e.g. a first name, last name, e-mail…:wink:.

    2. Hustle is just a tool and it’s used with integration with 3rd-party mailing services. They’ll surely need to include information about the service that actually is processing the user personal data (e.g. MailChimp etc) and may need to include additional information related to this but they’ll need to check/consult that with that selected service that they’re using. This also refers to aspects such as data removal, double opt-ins etc.

    3. Cookies: Hustle may be setting a cookie on user computer. That cookie is used to ensure that the plugin is working properly, for example if, where and when the opt-in (popup, slide-in etc) is displayed to the user on site.

    That’s in fact a matter of your Clients privacy policy/ToS as Hustle is not sending data to us and is just a “middleman tool”. In case your Client is capturing subscribers to a local list, that indeed would have also be stated. Data stored by Hustle (in Hustle locally) can be exported to CSV file, thus upon user request you’re able to get them and provide a user with them (please note: that’s different than in case of 3rd-party service integration in which case Hustle does not store user personal data – so for any export, removal etc it would have to be done at that 3rd-party service end).

    Then there’s another thing which is giving a user way to explicitly agree for capturing that data (GDPR consent). There’ll be a dedicated checkbox added to Hustle and a relevant update should be released any moment soon.

    Kind regards,


  • Micha
    • Recruit


    I appreciate your support, but I think the live chat person didn’t relay my concerns correctly. I know this is a tool that collects and sends data to another tool which stores and whichever email list is chosen would have to be able to respond to the delete requests. This and the other remedial things were NOT what I was asking. I asked two simple questions.

    1) where is the checkbox for consent?

    2) does it have the ability to put in a custom notice or disclaimer?

    I’m sorry that these questions, even as clear as I asked them, did not get relayed here. Frankly, some of your live ops struggle with basic communication skills in my opinion.

    My last comment to him was in disappointment in WPMU’s lack of communication in it’s rollouts of its plugin’s compliance efforts. When I asked this rep about these, he initially sent me to your site’s privacy statement… again showing his clear lack of ability to understand and communicate in English.

    However and regardless, I still have yet to be able to find clear and solid PUBLISHED plans from you on when and how your plugins will receive what updates to us, your customers, be compliant.

    Your above comment answers 1 of my two questions so thanks for that. However, I’d still like an answer to the other AND I’d love to know why in the face of such a huge privacy law, has your company not been more proactive in it’s communication with owners. Every other plugin I use, like events calendar pro, WooCommerce, etc. have ALL been very clear in how, when, and what they are doing. Frankly, I shouldn’t have had to come to you all to ask these questions.

    Please let me know asap.


  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Micha,

    Sorry to hear you had issues during the chat, we will review your discussion to see how could we improve this, thank you for the feedback.

    1) where is the checkbox for consent?

    We have beta version tested by our QA team that will allow you to enable checkbox and we should see it live soon, hopefully sometime today.

    We will also be updating readme.txt files inside the plugin files that will include further information about cookies used by the plugin.

    2) does it have the ability to put in a custom notice or disclaimer?

    Could you please elaborate this a bit more, are you referring to adding another custom checkbox?

    Best regards,


  • Micha
    • Recruit

    Hey Predrag,

    Thanks for the reply. For #2, I just mean the ability to put a legal notice in text form. I realize now that I don’t think anything special has to happen here since we can add our own custom text. I just had one client ask about putting a disclaimer in writing on a pop up so that’s what that was referencing.

    I’ll keep watching for that update with the checkbox though. Thanks again.


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