[Hustle Pro] Hustle and Campaign Monitor issue


We have integrated Hustle with Campaign Monitor. The email field in Hustle is correctly ‘linked’ to the email field in Campaign Monitor. But I’m not able to link a name field to the correct and standard name field ‘fieldName’ in Campaign Monitor. When I add a field and name it ‘fieldName’, Campaign Monitor just adds a custom field in stead of adding the contents to the correct standard full name field in Campaign Monitor.

Correct Campaign Monitor form input code:
<input id="fieldName" name="cm-name" class="form-control" type="text" placeholder="Je naam">

Hustle form input code:
<input type="name" class="hustle-input " name="fieldName" value="" data-validate="">

I assume from the above that the problems is that the ID tag is missing in the Hustle form field code.

Could you please look at this issue? Thanks.

Warm wishes from cold Amsterdam,
Carsten Lund Thomsen