[Hustle Pro] Hustle Feature & Integrations

I’ve yet to use Hustle so apologies in advance if either of these options already exists.
Feature 1: This request involves using a form to register subscribers. When a user completes the form it creates a WordPress account for the user and sends the user a link to reset their password. It also contains the ability to configure double opt-in on the mailing list.

Backstory: I use a product called InboundNow which added this feature upon request. It also allows you to create rules which, for example, integrate with a mailing system to send follow up emails to the newly registered user. Sadly, the developer has halted development.

Feature 2: Can Hustle integrate with other Autoresponders? I purchased one called Sendiio. It has an API if that helps. I’m not a coder.
API: https://sendiio.com/pages/view/sendiio-api

Any responses appreciated