[Hustle Pro] Pop-up for mobile only


I have set up an exit intent pop-up, which is not working on mobile. This is ok. So I have set up another pop-up, that is time-based to show up only on mobile.

I set display: none; for this time based pop-up with media query to hide it only for desktop, but the pop-up still triggers some js, so after 3 seconds the page “jumps” and no scrolling is available. Also the whole viewport gets bigger.

Here is the test page, where you can see this happening:

My question is, that if you have a pop-up, that will not work for mobile, because exit intent is not available for it, than why don’t you have an option to set other pop-ups to show up only for mobile?

How can I set the same pop-up to show up on mobile also, but not with exit intent, but time delay?

Thank you!