Hustle Pro Suggestions

I really like the idea of what Hustle is and what it does however I see no mention of any type of WooCommerce & WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin’s support. To us this would be a critical factor and is presently the only reason why we have not yet put it into play. We have used it on quick spin up sites we just use as testing/experimenting.

I have the following to suggest to help things out & I think many others may want to see some of these features too.

* Filter email marketing listed based on High/Low Volume Product or Subscription purchases.
* Control ads placement within the product pages
* Show / Integrate with WooCommerce checkout pages to assure via a checkbox to include users sign up to newsletter – As well a choice to default check it off automatically or to leave it with no checkmark
* Ability to detect and disable theme’s built in share features
* Add placement of social within WooCommerce products and general placement locations (under product title / with in description / below description / include or exclude for certain products)
* Reshare of customers product reviews
* Encouragement of customers discount coupons upon social share
* To decide how/why I want to market I need data/intel. Especially for product marketing. It would be nice to have better data insight then what the current default systems/plugins presently have. Sometimes I want to know better everyone that just is not buying a particular product or service. Or what pages of the site seem most neglected by visits or purchases in order to bind them into a newsletter blast
* Maybe the WooCommerce added support could play as a hero’s sidekick with its branding and could possible be a modular that if someone wants to use they just have to enable.
* In some cases after newsletter sign up I would like an easy choice to just have the user checkoff if they wish to also use these sign up details to create a wordpress user account. As well ability to apply extra steps should they choose to sign up and make a user account at once that maybe I need to ask for just a few more details beyond the details the initial newsletter signup asked.