[Hustle Pro] Toggle GDPR prompt

I’d like to see an option where we can toggle display of the GDPR checkbox in Hustle based on visitor info like their location.

Rather than asking for Hustle to do geo-location, I will ask for a filter hook which toggles the GDPR checkbox, for whatever reason we want. Then we can use whatever tools we want, geo-location or otherwise, to hook the event and decide if we want to display this specific prompt.

Please consider a generic ‘wpmudev-gdpr’ action where the Boolean default value is provided and the same is expected. Invoke that from Hustle, Defender, SmartCrawl, Forminator, and any other plugin and function where it makes sense.

I’d then interface that with my favorite, the IP Geo Block plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/ip-geo-block/), in this case to identify but not block European visitors. But there are Lots of other geolocation plugins (https://wordpress.org/plugins/tags/geolocation/).

Personally, I think GDPR is a good idea for all sites and all countries. But until it’s actually adopted more widely, as law or simply as a good idea, I think it’s helpful to have the option about whether to require a visitor to check that box (and let’s pretend they read that ToS too).

As a USA entity, I know I don’t even need to display anything about GDPR. I’m not required to ask or comply with GDPR permissions. But I want to acknowledge for my EU visitors that I am aware of the concerns and that I respect their privacy. Displaying the checkbox is my way of committing to that and getting their confirmation of the understanding. For other jurisdictions I have the same policies, but as-yet there are no expectations from those outside of the EU for a confirmation like this. In fact, I may not want to confirm for some visitor that I respect their country’s version of the GDPR, which may be much more rigid in what I’m allowed to do with data after a user leaves.

That leads to the notion that “GDPR” might just be the first of many forms of compliance – I’m fairly certain it is. So for the EU, it’s GDPR, but what about the UK after Brexit? What if New Zealand adopts something like a NZPR? What if a single state in the USA adopts their own version? (While unlikely, they’re entitled to do so – reference debates on net neutrality.) If and when this happens, the whole concept of compliance will need to extend from a simple Boolean toggle (and right now we don’t even have that), to a list of which regulations a site respects for different visitors – it becomes a matrix.

Perhaps it would be good for WPMUDEV to jump on this phenomenon, take a lead, and try to accommodate for Supply before there is (inevitable?) demand. (Anyone hear “Marketing Opportunities”?)

Perhaps you should ignore my request for a true/false, display GDPR or not, and create a filter where a defined list of regulations is returned for the current visitor/session, and Hustle and other plugins decide what to display based on the values in that list : GDPR,NZPR,CaliforniaPR,VaticanCityPR…

Thanks … and You’re Welcome :slight_smile: