Hustle – won't save state.

Hey there,

Unfortunately I have encountered another problem, this time with Hustle.

On Chrome, I can’t create an opt-in, when I get to the ‘Display Settings’ tab and go to click next, nothing happens.

Well, not nothing… in the console there is a script loading error 520. (screenshot a attached)

This doesn’t occur on firefox however, which reminded me of my other issue.

However on both Firefox and Chrome, when I get to the final screen (created opt in with firefox, tested the toggle in Chrome to see if matched firefox bug) and try to activate the Shortcode from the ‘manage your opt-ins’ screen, I get nothing…

Well, again not nothing… in the console of both firefox and chrome I am getting error with loading the scripts, error 500. (screenshot 1 & 2 attached)

The toggle visually toggles, but doesn’t save, and the shortcode doesn’t function on the page.

While I was testing it, I also noticed that all the toggles stop working after turning on and off.

I also noticed that there is a discrepancy between the jquery scripts that have been succesfully loaded and the ones that hustle is trying to load on the swtich activation. (Screenshots 3 & 4 attached)

I seem to be having no luck :slight_frown: