Hyper Cache on Multisite?

Hyper Cache has been recommended to me as the best caching plugin for WordPress. Compared to W3 Total Cache, Hyper Cache is extremely lightweight and the difference in speed is remarkable.

Unfortunately, Hyper Cache doesn't seem to be working properly with a multisite setup (I'm currently on 3.0.4, multisite enabled with domain mapping). The caching itself seems to be working, but it doesn't seem to be possible to customize settings for individual blogs.

Does anybody have experience with Hyper Cache on a multisite installation? Alternatively, can you recommend a good caching solution that works for multisite?


  • drmike

    We use wp-super-cache in half mode with telling it to use memcache when available. (We're still working out that bit on our servers) It works once you get it set up. We only run half mode because a lot of blogs get few hits each day and creating and saving static pages for them really isn't worth the effort.

    Is there a reason why you;re allowing endusers to determine settings for caching? Gotta admit that's not something I would be doing.

  • sub001

    Thanks for your replies. Yes, that's a good point about individual blog admins not needing to access the plugin settings and I agree, setting it up for the entire installation and "locking away the keys" is the best approach.

    At the same time, anybody has experience with Hyper Cache? I'm asking because it came as the best-performing caching plugin for WP in this test: http://www.tutorial9.net/tutorials/web-tutorials/wordpress-caching-whats-the-best-caching-plugin/

  • bamf

    Hey guys glad to see this tread was started...

    I just spend a huge number of hours acquainting myself with the WP Super Cache & W3 Total. Most the reviews point to W3 as the general winner with the most features (not always the fastest). However the author repeatedly expresses over and over again whenever some ask about MU support... "MU not supported. It might work, but not supported."

    I'm not here to challenge the author of the plugin, just here to find the best one for MU installs. To get even more specific here's where I'm coming from and trying to accomplish.

    I'm building a custom content delivery platform on MU and it requires my clients have their own S3 account to house and stream their video and audio... plus any other static files (PDF, jpg).

    Most of the end-users (ie: students of clients) will be logged in users, where I've read caching is least effective. However the content inside the site will be static (except for comments) and widgets. Each
    day new content is dripped out to end-user until they finish the course... the same content is dripped out in the same order for each new student upon sign up.

    My questions is "what is the best plugin" for achieving :

    a) site by site ability for me to setup a CDN to each clients S3 and CloudFront
    b) compatible with WPMU domain mapping
    c) offers best "caching" options for logged in users
    d) works with 1 setting in SuperAdmin NetWork installed

    Maybe I'm not asking the right questions or completely.

    Basically I just want a basic caching setup aimed 1st at logged in user performance 2nd speed improvements for regular blog site visitors all of which offers site by site CDN configuration that works with MU "network install" to have the caching config automatically setup across all site on network...

  • softrealty

    Great topic... I too would like to see a response to the question by bamf.

    Specifically, I need the ability to apply network wide cache settings visible only to Super Admin on a WPMU site.

    I'm planning on testing the suggestions posted by anduriell on WordPress.org Support:


    NOTE: The suggestions were posted 9 months ago in mid 2010. I've included the post below:

    Mmm.. Ok.
    to make the plugins to get some "default" options is enough to do as follow:
    in file "wp-content/plugins/w3-total-cache/lib/W3/config.php"after
    var $_defaults = array(
    there are the default values. You only need to change them to whatever you need. To make it easier the file inside wp-content that's named
    "w3-total-cache-config-yourdomain.php" you have the values as you save them. Just copy-paste.

    To get the activation site-wide avaliable is a little bit more tricki.
    In "wp-content/plugins/w3-total-cache/lib/W3/Plugin/Totalcache.php"
    look for the function : "function wpmu_check()"
    Comment both lines to allow you activate sitewide. This will also get ride of the funny bug that block you to activate sitewide any other plugin after this one (that's why i have to look for it).
    And at last make that option and the errors only avaliable for the site admin:
    in the same file (Totalcache.php) look for the function:
    "function admin_menu()"
    You warp all the code of that function inside of:
    if (is_site_admin()){ ... }

    And all done. Look the plugin is so wonderfull it will create a cache directory for every subdomain. Really a nice plugin it is.

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