I absolutely cannot get directory's full site listing page to show up correctly...

I am setting up a directory site. I have been through all my theme settings (which I'm very familiar with at this point) and my buddy-press settings (which I'm still gaining familiarity with) and for the life of me I cannot affect 2 changes ...

1. Stop the right side column from displaying
2. get the input form to show up AFTER the words of the listing so that the listing is all together at the top of the screen.

I read about the style-bp-directory.css file, but I cannot see in there what would be affecting this. Likewise, in my theme, I cannot figure out which template its using for directory listings.

It sure would be SUPER helpful if the create listing page included the options to choose which layout page in one's theme to use (i.e. default vs. full page width)

I cannot openly send a link to my site at this time but here is a screen capture ...