I am almost ready to launch an event site for a Theater

I am almost ready to launch an event site for a Theater client. I am using events manager pro for managing the music calendar and it works great. Now I need to add memberships and rental bookings and I signed up with WPMU to take advantage of the two plugins... Unfortunately Appointments+ is not liking events manager pro. Not sure what the conflict is as they both work, but I get white flashes between every page load when I install App+. All other plugins are fine including the membership plugin (works great). Would love to use the booking feature of app+ if you can think of a work around. I was considering launching another wordpress site to handle bookings and memberships, to keep the load off the main site. Do you think that is my best option given the conflict with appointments+. I turned on and off every plugin to find the source, and whenever I had events manager pro and appointments+ activated, I got the white flashes between page loads. I have too much time invested in layout and set-up of all the show dates, show posters, and ticket links, to change the events plugin... So I need a booking option to manage theatre rentals. These are packages not listed on the events calendar as they are private rentals blacked out on the main calendar. Want to be able to handle these on their own calendar, and even tie them into memberships, as we will offer discounts to members for purchasing theatre rental packages. We also have a film club that will rent the theatre, so I need seperation of church and state, between public shows, and private rentals. Sorry for the long winded explaination... I can send a private link to my dev site but would rather not post it here until I get a response.


  • Patrick

    Hey there @Kevin Frazier

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    No need to apologize for a lengthy post. I'd rather have too much information than not enough. As long as it's relevant, that is. :slight_smile:

    If you only get those white flashes on page loads when both plugins are activated, then it's likely that they are using conflicting js libraries, or may be loading the same ones twice.

    If you are considering installing Appointments+ on a separate site in the network to avoid the conflict, that might actually be a good idea UX-wise as you want to keep the 2 types of bookings completely separate.

    One important thing to point out though is that Appointments+ cannot handle bookings greater than 24 hours. If you need to offer the ability to clients to book for more than a day, perhaps consider integrating with our MarketPress plugin so they can add multiple day-long appointments to a shopping cart, and pay only once at checkout.

  • Kevin Frazier

    Hey Patrick,

    Thank you for the speedy reply. Yeah the js conflict is what I was thinking as well. OK so it looks like I should create a second site on a sub domain something like private.domain.com. This site will be an exact replica of the current site, but not have any of the other plugins or functionality. Just the same interface to keep things feeling seemless and the bookings and membership plugin. I could also create the member blog and film club blog that are private to each membership group on this site. Also keeps things separated nicely... UGH... and I thought I was almost done.

    My question is regarding connecting the two sites so the user can go back and forth between the bookings pages and the main site. On the second site I would need all menus to point to the existing site and only the booking and member portion to be linked on the second site. My confusion is making the calls from one site to the other... I won't be able to use shortcodes unless I link them to the other site before the booking page.

    I would like to send you a link to my dev site, but do not want it posted on the community forums. Can you send me a private email to share the link (or a way to send you the link privately) so you can see the pages I want to link across to. Really appreciate the help.


  • Ash

    Hi @Kevin Frazier

    Just a note here:

    On the second site I would need all menus to point to the existing site and only the booking and member portion to be linked on the second site. My confusion is making the calls from one site to the other

    You can create the same menu in second site. I mean in all of your subsites you can create exact same menu.

    When you need to add a link from another subsite, just use Links feature in Appointments > Menus (left hand side).

    About the shortcode, I am not sure if I understand it correctly. You can use shortcode in a site as long the relevant plugin is activated in that site.

    To send private info you can use our contact form: https://premium.wpmudev.org/contact/
    In subject line use: ATTN: Staff name, who you want to send to
    In body: With your comment add the thread link.

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have.


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