I am an engineering student and Owner of Vancouver based

I am an engineering student and Owner of Vancouver based Propel Swim School. We provide personalized swim lessons and are known for our high level of customer service and flexibility in booking. WPMU plugins have served me well during the initial lean start up test phase. We now require significantly more specific features that are not offered by WPMU plugins out of the box and are faced with the decision to either start from scratch developing a brand new website with a different platform or try to adapt existing WPMU plugins and rapidly develop and test new features with our client base. I would like to stay a member of the WPMU community but am not sure how best to proceed.

Some of the features we require are:

– the ability for clients to purchase appointment credits in packs without going through Paypal

– the ability for clients to use credits as a currency for making/cancelling appointments

– the ability for clients to perform external actions to earn free credits

– a fully integrated CRM system

– an database with different views for instructors, clients, pool owners

Let me know how you think it would be best to proceed. I am proficient in coding and would prefer to create novel systems rather than drop thousands for someone else to do it.

Do you have a business development department that I can work with? If not I will gladly compensate any of your talented developers for their time in consulting with me about this.

Thank you,

Kiel Olver