i am building a website for fore copy trades and social

i am building a website for fore copy trades and social trading .
my website need to level membership one for Leaders and the followers of leaders
so leaders have to pay me to get their tools
and followers have to pay the leaders in order to get their signals .
Currently i am using listify theme do you suggest any other theme or plugin that can help me

  • Rupok

    Hi MAK

    Hope you had a wonderful day.

    Well, your requirement is not generic, so I don't think of any specific plugin which will exactly serve your purpose. But we have a awesome plugins which may help you in doing this - Membership 2 Pro.

    With Membership 2 Pro, you can create multiple membership plans for your site. Those plans can be paid, free, one time payment, recurring payment, drip content membership and facility to add many more filters for your members. So you can easily create two paid membership levels - One for your leaders and another for followers.

    If you sent us more details about your plan, I could guide you better. Can you please send us details of your plan?

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

  • MAK

    1-Every Trader can sign up for a profile @ leaders of Forex and share his statics and trades activity on the trading board According to his opinion .

    A - We need a Profile page for every Trader .
    B - The Publisher to be connected to our website need a user and pass .

    2- When the Trader become a member of my website he will be able to become a signal provider on L O F .

    A- in order to become a signal provider he can choose one of our plans that include the tools to become a signal provider .
    B- He will have the ability to choose different types for crediting his followers .
    ( Pay per order custom brokers supported )
    ( Monthly subscription ) ( multiple brokers support )

    i have ready panel for the copy trades solution need to be integrated with wordpress .

  • Kasia Swiderska

    Hello MAK,

    Thank you for more informations. I never seen plugin that would do exactly you want to achieve because those are very specific requirements - Membership 2 Pro can help you with protecting content and handle payments for access to this specific content but this is all.
    I found this theme http://www.flytonic.com/product/financial-trading-theme/ - from description it looks like it is designed for Forex.

    You might need to consider hiring developer ( https://premium.wpmudev.org/wordpress-development/ ) that will put all things in one so they will be integrated.

    kind regards,

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