I am completely new to WP multisites and would like to get

I am completely new to WP multisites and would like to get a few things clear.

Is this possible:
I want a main site with a blog. And every subddomain needs a blog of its own.

When I make a post on the main blog, is it easy to place this post in any (not all) of the blogs at the subdomains?
And can this be done by the super-admin alone, or can an admin of one of the subdomains post this blogpost on its own blog as well?

And the other way around: if an admin of one of the subdomains has a blogpost that I like can I place this on the main blog?

And the super-admin can he edit any of the blogs on the subdomains?

Just to be sure: every subdomain has the same theme, right? And they can link to their own autoresponder?

Thank you,


  • Alexander
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    Hi @avde123,

    With multisite, each sub site works just like a new WordPress blog. You get a dashboard and can add your own posts. You can setup Multisite to use subdomains to address these sub blogs.

    There isn't a built in way to move content from one site to another. However, we do have the Multisite content copier plugin: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/multisite-content-copier/

    This allows you to choose content from any site, and copy it to any number of other sites. So you could copy a new post on the main site over to the sub sites. Or perhaps copy a sub site post up to the main site.

    We also have new blog templates: https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/new-blog-template/ This allows you to create template sites with predefined posts, pages, and settings. When a new blog is added, it can be cloned from the template, and start off with everything you'd like.

    Because each sub site is it's own site entirely, it's possible for them to change the theme to something else, and even have different plugins active. As a super admin, you have the ability to control this however.

    Feel free to read our manuals on Multisite here as well: https://premium.wpmudev.org/manuals/wordpress-multisite/

    Hope this helps!

    Best regards,

  • avde123
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    This is very helpfull, thank you Alexander!

    I see that they can have different plugins active on the sub sites.
    But as I understand as a super-admin I can install plugins for all subsites as well, can't I? So I assume I can update everything with a push of the button?

    kind regards,


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