I am considering upgrading my Membership Premium

I am considering upgrading my Membership Premium site to Membership Pro 2.
I currently use the following code/shortcodes/hook/links, please tell me if they are still supported by the new plugin, and if not, what the new code/workaround should be:
add_action( 'membership_mark_for_expire', ...
Hardcoded links:

Thank you.

  • Luís
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    Hi Ian ,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    You are using a older version of Membership and it changed a little bit. The best option should be install the last version ( of Membership 1, before upgrade it to Membership 2.


    To update to version, please download the .zip file above and unzip it to your local storage. Then access to your site through FTP, go to the "/wp-content/plugins/membership" folder and overwrite all the content of this folder with the files from the unzipped archive.

    In your dashboard it will be displayed the instructions to procede the upgrade to Membership 2.

    As is described in the plugin usage:

    M2 will import membership levels, subscription information/data, and member data from Membership.

    However, M2 will not import shortcodes or content protection settings. So after upgrading, you will need to add in all your content protection settings for each membership level, and find and replace any Membership-generated shortcodes with M2 shortcodes. Tip: use a handy plugin like Better Search Replace to make that more of a cheer than a chore.

    Note: Please make sure that, before overwriting any files and procede to the upgrade, you've made a backup of your entire website (files and database). To do that, you can use our Snapshot plugin:


    Regarding to the supported shortcodes/code, I think you should change them to:








    [ms-protect-content id="1"] Only members of membership-1 can see this! [/ms-protect-content]




    [ms-protect-content id="2,3" access="no" silent="yes"] Everybody except members of memberships 2 or 3 can see this![/ms-protect-content]

    I hope this information has been helpful. If I can help you in this or other questions, please let me know!

    Cheers, Luís

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