I am editing and saved my website using spirit, it works

I am editing and saved my website using spirit, it works fine in mozilla firefox and safari, however it is destroyed in chrome (as far as i concern). Please find the different in attached file. I really wonder what is happening.

Besides, white label as stated by your site, i would like to alter the name of plugin and the name it shows up in the WP dashboard. Please advice how can i do that. Then, in this case, will the plugin be able to update if there is new release?

Plugin: CoursePress Pro
In the case an author is being assigned as instructor, he is able to create course and assign anyone as instructor and assign any registered member as student. I want to limit this functionality to only Editor or admin only. Please advise.

CoursePress Pro is linked to MarketPress for payment. However, i would like to link CoursePress Pro to Membership 2 for payment purpose. My idea is to get people to join my membership in monthly basis and they get to access to course they wish by paying a monthly membership free. Can this be done. And i found that the course (or Unit) then show free course which is actually not as they have to pay a monthly payment.

  • Patrick

    Hi there @pole915

    Welcome to WPMU DEV, glad to have you aboard!

    It is preferable to create individual support tickets for each issue as that helps to keep things on-topic and avoid a lot of possible confusion. But let's see if we can get you fixed up here anyway. :slight_smile:

    I see the Fixer display issue in both Chrome and Firefox on my Windows machine. In the browser console, I can se that something is preventing admin-ajax.php from loading on your site, which is required to load Upfront styles.

    Can you please temporarily deactivate all plugins to see what, if anything, may be interfering? Thanks!

    About whitelabeling, yes indeed, you can. To completely whitelabel one of our products, you'll want to use a program like PoEdit to create a customized language file. Language files can be used for that too; not just translations. See the Using Translations section on the following page for more:

    To limit certain CoursePress capabilities to default WordPress roles, you'll first want to make a screenshot of your current settings under CoursePress Pro > Settings > Instructor Capabilities so you have something handy to refer to in the next step.

    Then install a plugin like User Role Editor which gives you the God-like power to grant/restrict capabilities for every role on your site.

    To grant access to CoursePress courses via Membership2, you would want to use the URL Restrictions addon in Membership2 to be able to grant/restrict access to all areas of any specific course. Then simply set your course as free in CoursePress, and charge a fee for the Membership. Only registered & paid members on your selected Membership would be able to access the course that way.

    I hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

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