I am getting [user set] in my password email

Hi folks

I asked this 3 days ago but no response on my thread other than asking me what plugins i was using, i answered that and nothing came back:

1. I have been steadily installing my site, suddenly i get [user set] in the email to send password.

I have for the second time now :slight_frown: deactivated all plugins and have tried to make an account, this still happens;

Also the page that comes up after activation starts the the user can now login using the password they set when signing up however there are no for that I am

2. No matter what i do with settings, Ultimate face book shows all my pages in the comments section of the complete network.

Timothy helped me with an issue a couple of weeks ago & has all login info including FTP, I would really appreciate help on this as I am following all instructions step by step to get my site up however am accumulating it would seem increasing issues.

Thanks guys, appreciate it.