I am have some issues with my blog can log into admin panel

I have dashboard I have a lot of plug ins I think I have a problem reason can not see my site is it the URL is set to the main domain domain http://www.mccluretables.com instead of the folder http://www.mccluretables.com/blog but I have crashed my blog so many times change this I am afraid to do anything. Can I get someone to log into my cloud server or control panel and advise what I should do? I have some good snapshot back ups from when it was on the testing development sever. I had it working their with root relative URL's and tried to get another copy back on that test server and crashed the main one. I have the main one up connected to the Ziplocator Data base and I can get in and see the control panel but no blog. Can see some images but they do not show up it is a mess can someone advise me of the best process to get this working?