unable to login, mapping to wrong address, theme upload issues, conflict in plugins

I am having a great day of fixing one problems just to break another! I need a fresh eye to look at what I have done - I am sure it is simple and I am over looking.
I can create an account via WHMCS, then it creates a new account and maps the domain to the newly created sub domain, although I have somehow directed it to go to a link that is invalid. So, progress, because I see that it is doing exactly what I have told it to do so.

The problem I am coming across where I cannot fix is I cannot login to my sites.. I believe sometime today my files got compromised and as many time ad I backed up my files I must have have an excessive amount of cache at the time because I still cannot login to my site to change anything.

I'm at a loss and would appreciate some direction here.

when I type in the resolved domain crystalgardenbrand.org (i have an a record pointing to the IP address) it doesn't go to crystalgardenbrand.sitebuilder.ws it goes to demo.sitebuilder.ws, another sub domain created outside of the domain mapping plugins.

Two things I believe is causing some probelms for me...htaccess and config.php in my network root. I had made many many changes to these and because I was testing with a cache backup I am unsure at what point I had made a change that no longer worked.

Also, i am unable to add any additional websites because my dev plugin states it is not activated, but it is.

I am unable to import any of my theme demo files as well because I am sure I am having a conflict with plugins, but again i am unable to sign in to fix any of these issues. I have never had problems using this theme before on my other live sites.

Any help would appreciated.
Thank you so very much.