I am having a problem with my account - this is going


I am having a problem with my account - this is going to be kind of long and convoluted. It would be so much easier to talk to an actual person.

I had the Appointments+ plugin installed on my WP site. I contacted WPMUdev with an issue because confirmation emails were not being sent to customer accounts. I was advised to sign up for a yearly membership to update the Appointments+ plugin and get online support. So, I did that. However, what I realized was that the issue was just a configuration change (based on confirmation) and I don't need an expensive support package. So, I emailed the address provided in my receipt and asked to cancel the membership and that I would just like to do an Appointments+ update. I did not receive any response (this was yesterday or the day before); my account still currently shows active.

This morning, I tried to login to my WP site, however my whole site was unavailable and in a never ending redirect loop. Via my cPanel, I manually deactived the WPMUdev plugin only and am now able to access my site, so this was obviously causing a problem. Now, however, my Appointments+ plugin is no longer working. Is it supposed to be able to function without WPMUdev plugin? What can I do now that that plugin is not working with my site.