I am having an issue with WP Smush not bulk smushing

I am having an issue with WP Smush not bulk smushing things...I have gotten up to 211 images smushed (out of about 3500) but I have mostly done it through the free WP Smush and then by hand after I purchased an account. I uninstalled the free plugin and installed the pro one using the dashboard. Any ideas on why it might be stalling? The plugin just spins like it's going to attempt something, but the count of smushed photos never goes up.

  • Adam Czajczyk
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    Hello Kim,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for granting an access!

    I've visited your site's dashboard and checked both WP Smush and Media Library. It seems that WP Smush Pro get's stuck on the image named "BHP_0328" (file name "BHP_0328.jpg").

    The issue here is although that file is in the Media Library (as in WP database) the file itself either doesn't exist at all on the server or is inaccessible. Visiting an "attachment page" assigned to that image doesn't result in image being displayed and trying to open image URL directly I'm getting "404 not found" error.

    That would mean that the image simply is not there. However, since WP Smush is not working by reading file list from directories on the server directly (via "low-level" PHP but instead relies on core WP features) this is most likely preventing it from completing.

    My suggestion here would be to make sure that all images listed in Media Library do indeed exist on the server and are accessible; those that are not there (and probably are no longer necessary) should be simply deleted from Media Library. This should "un-stuck" WP Smush Pro.

    Best regards,

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