I am having another SnapShot Pro problem on one of my

Hello. I am having another SnapShot Pro problem on one of my installations. In this case, when I add Google Drive as a destination, I am able to Authorize, but after doing so, my screen does not show me the option of saving again. Please advise?

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey taneya_koonce,

    Hope you're doing well today!

    So there is no "Save Destination" button at the bottom after you authorize? As seen in my screenshot below:

    If not, then this is likely a plugin conflict. Could you try deactivating all other plugins and then try again and see if there is a button there. I'm unable to test on your install since it's connected with your project. If the above still doesn't give us any progress then I could try adding in my own google destination on your install and see if there is a save button for me. I'll remove mine afterwards so you can add yours back again.

    Look forward to hearing back.



  • taneya_koonce
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Tyler, – yes, that button to “Save Authorization” was missing. I disabled a plugin that I thought may be causing the conflict and then the button re-appeared. So, I saved the Authorization, have already saved a test snapshot and reactivated the plugin. I have set the snapshot to update once a month so will check it again next month and see if the conflict prevents a successful save. For now, let’s consider this resolved. Thanks for your help!

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