I am having difficulty getting the fundraiser plugin

I am having difficulty getting the fundraiser plugin to work. Here is a page with all my issues.

1. The featured image doesn’t show up when I use your “Fundraising Form” shortcode in the main content. Am I not suppose to use the featured image? I ended up adding the image using the “Add Media” tab in WordPress.

2. The featured image (in widget area) is cropped to a square even though I set the dimensions in the widget area to 300×120 (right). A square icon looks stupid. Sorry to be blunt, but it does.

3. What is the insert “icon” shortcode and how do you use it? I tried it several times and it did nothing. What is its purpose?

4. WHERE ARE THE DONATION BUTTONS!!! The only button I see is at the top of the page where I added the pledge button shortcode (and on the right where I added the widget). Where is the button for the “fundraising from”? Isn’t there suppose to be a button with the form widget in the sidebar?

5. I can change the form design in the fundraising widget AND the shortcode. Which overrides which and why two settings. This is more confusing than need to be. I have to change settings in multiple places, update the pages, test, change setting, update, test… this is very frustration. Especially when it just doesn’t seem to work.

6. The progress bar is at 80%. 80% of what?

7. There are two progress bars on this page. They look identical don’t they. Funny because one is set to “fresh” and the other to “note”. WHY?! Why two style look the same.

This widget seems not to work on MULTIPLE levels.

PLease help. I must be an idiot to not figure this out.