I am having problems with a permalink

Hi Guys,

Not sure if Michelle Shull is around or not... but I need to get this sorted today.

In my Excel Tune-up course I am running published Captivate projects for each unit. The student clicks on a button which runs Opens the HTML 5 file in the browser window.

Within each published project there is a final slide which is the Exit Slide. The Exit slide has an action button - this is set to the permalink:


I have also created a URL file which is saved with the published files and contains:


The problem is when I test the HTML 5 in Coursespress Pro as a Student and click on the exit button to activate the URL, a return to the teachuit website does occur but with a message "Oops, that page cannot be found".

Hoping all this makes sense and that you can assist as I believe the issue is with the permalink - coursepress pro slug.